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About the Youth Action Volunteers of Senya, Ghana

 In their rural fishing community on the coast of Ghana, this youth group aims to improve their community by building solidarity among youth, participating in clean-up days and recycling efforts, and helping each other learn new skills!


Since 2018, Kareena and her mom have worked along side the Youth Action Volunteers of Senya. With the help of the Belchertown 4H Incredible Clovers, Kareena hosted a Jump-a-thon fundraiser in 2019 to raise funds for the youth group to buy materials such as group uniforms, activities, bins for recycling, and much more!

Now with her own business, Kareena will continue to send funds to the youth group leader! A portion of all purchases benefit the inspiring and motivated youth volunteers - The Stars of Senya!

For more information, please email us and check out

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