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Buying from Kicky's is about joining a movement!
For all bodies!

Kareena is a kidprenuer who started Kicky's during the 2020 lockdowns.She loves owning businesses - from lemonade stands to apparel - and providing quality eco-friendly apparel at affordable prices!Follow Kicky's on Instagram and Facebook! Stay tuned for updates on her business and her work in Ghana with the youth action volunteers of Senya!


Kicky's is an original clothing brand inspired by the people in my life and the adventures I've taken so far.


I started as a kidprenuer with a lemonade stand with my 2 brothers and 2 sisters! I've been a student athlete all my life - playing basketball and competitive cheerleading, while also traveling throughout the U.S. and Ghana with my mom. I want stylish athletic gear for home and for my activities as a traveler and student-athlete.


I created Kicky's for all of the people in my life - different shapes, sizes, genders, and lifestyles. It is important to me that as young people, we have quality gear that is for all bodies. All bodies matter. It is equally important that we be mindful of Mother Earth and Humanity. With Kicky's, you can gear-up with eco-friendly and ethically sourced fabrics and manufacturing. 

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